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  • How much experience on a bike do I need before joining?
    There is no standard measurement of the amount of experience needed before joining. If you feel that you are a cyclist interested in riding with other cyclists, want to learn to do that, want to gain more confidence and proficiency as a cyclist, build your endurance to participate in a cycling event then joining for one or more of those reasons will be worthwhile.
  • What kind of bicycle do I have to have?
    A road bike with drop handlebars is best. Just about every club member has this kind of bike. Recreational riders, older riders and new riders have participated in the Monday recreational ride in Rutland on hybrid bikes if they have the conditioning to ride about 15 miles at a 12-13 mph pace. You can even join KPCC without owning a bike. Yes. There are members of the club who love to share their knowledge and offer advice which would include where to shop for a bike, tips and knowledge needed to ride in a group and how to gain the experience and conditioning so you can become active in the club.
  • I have an old bike, can I use it for club rides?"
    Yes. An old bike which is tuned up and in good condition has been used by strong riders on many of our rides. You can gain experience in riding in a group on any bike and you will be able to better determine the kind of bike to suit your needs as you become more experienced. You absolutely need a helmet in order to ride with the club.
  • I've never ridden on the road before is it hard to learn?
    Our website, YouTube and the internet have many videos with suggestions, guidelines and rules for riding on the road. KPCC encourages the use of all the vehicular laws and good practices for riding the roads. We do our best to plan and lead rides that avoid the more trafficked and potentially hazardous roadways in our region.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for a KPCC ride?
    Have a conditioning program for yourself. Hopefully “training” is one of your regular activities. It is also important to have reasonable expectations and patience with yourself if you are a newer rider or a good rider desiring to improve. You will find that members of the club will offer suggestions and advice for improving your skills and building strengths.
  • Does KPCC enter cycling races?
    No. KPCC does not support racing except to enthusiastically encourage those club members who race on their own or for a club that does race.
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