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Let's talk about selecting a ride to attend and being ready to ride.  We want you to have fun with group riding.  To do that, it's important to choose a ride to that will fit your level of experience and fitness.  Follow these tips:

TIP #1: If you average only 8 mph on a typical ride, do not choose to attend rides that are posted as a 15 mph pace.  You will not have fun.  Choose a ride that fits your style of riding.  If you are trying to improve, we understand you will need to force yourself out with faster riders.  We've all been there, done that.  Consider attending slower rides several times before you push yourself to attend the faster rides. Purchase a pedometer or use a smart phone to check what pace is comfortable for you to sustain.

TIP #2: Make sure you have the right gear for the type of ride you are attending.  Road bikes and tires are built for road riding their tires and gears are built for speed and distance.  Mountain bikes are built for trails, they have larger tires to get thru mud and ditches; however they are hard to ride on the road for long distances.  Select your bike based on the ride and or trail you are selecting.

TIP #3: Make sure your gear is in order BEFORE you show up for a ride.  Your bike should be operational and clean.  Your saddle, gears and breaks should be properly adjusted. Dress properly for the weather conditions of that day.  Remember to bring your helmet, your gloves, your protective eyeglasses, and your water bottle.   Bring your flat kit in with you.  If you get a flat tire on the road or trail, you can fix it and keep rolling. That way, you'll have more fun. 

TIP #4: Fuel your body.  Know what you need to properly fuel your body before the ride and during the ride.   Plan your nutrition accordingly.  Eat a snack every hour on your ride and/or use appropriate electrolyte replacements during the ride.   Drink water frequently and bring enough for the ride.    Trust our will have more fun if you think ahead and do these things.

TIP #5: If you have never ridden in a group on the road before watch some of the training videos under our eLearning section, specifically on road signaling.

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