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Rails-to-Trails Ride Classifications

Our system includes three descriptors to understanding our rails-to-trails ride format: "Expected Pace", "Trail Conditions", and "Distance". Ride leaders determine the classifications based on their knowledge of the route and what they offer their riders.

The number shown represents the speed riders are expected to be able to ride over the duration of the ride.  

Actual conditions of the trail will vary depending on weather.

Rough - Rough, Muddy, or Both

Packed - Packed Gravel
Paved - Smooth


The number shown is the estimated distance of the ride.

Examples: (as seen on our ride postings)

13/Paved/25 - Means riders are expected to ride at 13 mph on a paved surface and the ride is 25 miles in length.

15/Packed/45 - Means riders are expected to ride at 15 mph on a packed surface and the ride is 45 miles in length.

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