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Ride Cancellation Policy for No Online Signups

Ride leaders may cancel a ride if no one signs up online (maybes do not count as online signup). The cancellation can be posted no earlier than 6 PM the night before a ride and no later than 2 hours before the ride start time.


What this means for members: Please always check the ride leader comments for a ride you are interested in. The ride leader comments are displayed when you hit the "+" next to the time for a ride in the 7-day ride schedule, and are included in the announcement email for rides. When you see a ride with a comment that the ride will not go if there are no online signups or the tour name is in red font, you should: 

Signup online if you are sure you are doing the ride and then be confident that the ride will be held. If your plans change and you won't be doing the ride, please contact the ride leader directly as soon as you can.  Please do not uncheck your name and assume the Ride Leader will see it.  DO click on the Ride Leader's name on the Ride Schedule to get their email address to notify them directly.

Or, check back the morning of the ride to see if the ride leader has canceled the ride because no one has signed up online.

Weather (rain, snow, extreme cold or heat, high winds) may cause ride cancellations. Ride Leaders post cancellations by adding a ride comment that includes the word "cancelled". You do this by clicking "My Rides" under "Ride Leader" in the right-hand column of the club website. Find the ride you want to cancel and click "View" and then click "Edit". Canceled rides will have the word "CANCELLED" in red appear after the tour name on the 7-day ride schedule. Ride Leaders should post cancellations at least two hours before the start time for a ride.

Occasionally, ride start times are adjusted due to weather. On extremely hot days during summer months, Ride Leaders may choose to start their rides earlier to beat the heat. Ride Leaders should make the decision to advance the start time the night before and inform the Ride Coordinator so that a change email can be broadcast.

Sometimes Ride Leaders choose to delay the start of a ride, for example to let rain stop.


Ride Leaders can add a note to the ride comments that includes the exact phrase "Ride Change" by clicking "My Rides" under "Ride Leader" in the right-hand column of the club website, then finding the ride to be changed and clicking "View" and then clicking "Edit". Similar to ride cancellations, any delay in start time should be posted at least 2 hours before the original start time for the ride.

It is always a good idea for members to check the ride schedule before heading out to a ride.


Club rides are open to non-member guests who would like to "try out" for a ride. Guests must complete a ride wavier and are asked to join after their trial ride.


Minors (under 18) are allowed on one club ride, provided they are accompanied by a  parent or legal guardian, who must (a) be a member, and (b) stay with the minor during the entire ride.

Incident Reporting

ATTENTION: Members are required to report immediately any incident/complaint that arises during a club ride or event that they believe may create an unsafe environment for themselves and/or other members to the club leadership by emailing

Ride Classifications*


KPCC offers a variety of rides for cyclists of all levels and abilities. Whether you want a leisurely social ride or a suffer fest, we have something to suit you.


All rides sponsored by the KPCC are led by members who volunteer their time by selecting a destination and determining a route. KPCC maintains a Route & Cue Sheet Library that describes in detail the various routes and offers downloadable links.  This library is available to all members.

Everyone is welcome on a KPCC ride regardless of whether you are a current member or not, but we do have some rules. We hope after attending a ride with us you'll consider becoming a member!

*Ride Classifications are subject to ride leader interpretation and local terrain. Ride leaders are encouraged to post a route link that will show the amount of elevation gain for the route.

Road Ride Classifications

Our system includes three descriptors to understanding our road ride format: "Expected Pace", "Hills", and "Distance".  Ride leaders determine the classification based on their knowledge of the route and what they offer their riders.

The number shown represents the speed riders are expected to be able to ride over the duration of the ride - meaning your average pace for the entire ride and not only on the flat. If a ride is listed as a "no drop" ride, the ride leader will have the group wait at turns.  If riders are not able to ride at the expected pace posted for the ride, ride leaders do not have to wait.  Each rider is responsible for choosing to attend rides that fit their ability. Riders who want to ride faster than the ride classification advertised should a ride that fits their desires.



Hills are based on the following descriptors:

  • Mountainous - Has a lot of hills that are very long and can be steep.

  • Hilly - Has hills that can be long and/or steep

  • Moderate - More hills than "rolling", some of which are longer and/or steeper.

  • Rolling - Flat with some small hills mixed in.

  • Flat - Flat


Ride leaders are encouraged to post a route and cue sheet in their ride posting that shows an elevation profile and the amount of elevation gain so riders have a better understanding of what to expect with the route.

The number shown is the estimated distance of the ride.

Examples: (as seen on our ride postings)

17/Hilly/50 - Means riders are expected to average 17 mph on hilly terrain and the ride is 50 miles in length.

13/Moderate/43 - Means riders are expected to average 13 mph on moderately hilly terrain and the ride is 43 miles in length.

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